When TPS Services first started, we looked around the marketplace at our competitors and it would be fair to say that ADMAR was pretty much top of the list. It’s hard to believe after so long that they are pulling out of the suppression screening business.

ADMAR Online

Although ADMAR were a direct competitor to ourselves we all stand side by side in the screening marketplace working towards a common goal of achieving ethical telemarketing by companies.

The Wragby based firm has been trading for close to 25 years, providing a data bureau service.

However a meeting of its directors held on Tuesday May 6th they decided that it should close.

The ADMAR website will be shut down as early as the week commencing 12th May 2014.

If you are an ADMAR customer, TPS Services can help you continue your TPS, CTPS screening as well as FPS and MPS.

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In an effort to minimise the disruption, please feel free to contact us with details on your existing ADMAR contract and we will endeavour to match it for you.